School Overview

Mission: Why our school exists?

St. Joseph’s Primary School’s mission is to support and nurture our faith; to encourage friendship and provide a comprehensive education for all.

Vision: Where we are going?

Embracing our Catholic faith and gospel values, St. Joseph’s Primary School will nurture and support the learning and wellbeing of the whole person fostering a positive involvement in our global community

Striving to live our vision

Faith is a gift by which one recognises God; faith is a free response to the gift of God and is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen (Hebrews 11 1).

Core Gospel Values at St. Joseph’s are:

  • Wonder & Awe
  • Hope
  • Celebration
  • Community
  • Reconciliation
  • Love
  • Strategic Intent

St. Joseph’s strategic intent is reflected in our five strategic directions.

FAITH: Working towards a strong, life giving Catholic culture

LEARNING: Develop a forward looking and balanced curriculum

ENGAGEMENT: Create an engaging learning environment integrating creative use of technology in supportive ways

RELATIONSHIPS: Promote partnerships that support a friendly, healthy, fun filled community

RESOURCING: Build a quality professional educational community, supported by physical resources, collaborative leadership and helpful governance.