Parent Partnerships

St. Joseph’s School Education Board
The St. Joseph’s School Board brings together our parish, school leadership and parents in a spirit of collaboration to establish good governance, realise the school’s vision and achieve its educational aims.

St. Joseph’s Parent, School Association (P.S.A.)
This group meets twice a term to provide opportunities for parents to gather and become involved in the life of our school. Opportunities include social functions, fundraising and voluntary support for educational programs.

St. Joseph’s School Maintenance Team
An involved, proud, active group who meet regularly to plan, develop and monitor our school buildings, grounds and physical resources. This group is responsible for both minor and major works on an on-going basis.

Parent Helpers Program
Parents can be involved in classrooms in a variety of ways. Early each year a training program is provided for volunteering parents. Roles include helping in the literacy program, classroom helpers program and support for excursions.

Allen Oval Management Committee
Team of school community members that co-ordinate the management of the school recreational assets.

Quality food at very reasonable prices is available daily for families. Volunteers staff our canteen; parents are encourage to support this program.

Major School Events

Whole School Masses
On a regular basis the school community come together in word, song and prayer to nourish our faith, each other and our spiritual dimension.

Annual School Fair
A school community event bringing food, fun, events and activities alive in the school grounds. We can proudly say that our School Fair not only brings our school community together but also the community in the wider district.

Mother’s Day Stall
An opportunity for children to buy a quality gift for mum.

Father’s Day Breakfast
Dads, partners, friends or grandfathers at school with their family sharing breakfast, classroom visits and community activities – a great morning for all.

School Assembly
Held weekly at the school, a celebration of the life of our school community.

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