Prayer and Liturgy

On a regular basis the school community come together in word, song and prayer to nourish our faith, each other and our spiritual dimension.

St. Joseph's School Prayer

Invitation to pray


Our invitation is for you to pray with us,

To be as you are

and if not in faith, to be with us respectfully.

We acknowledge that many in our community are of other

religious beliefs and traditions

 Thankyou for being with us.

God of love, creation and wisdom, 

Thank you for our Catholic school, St Joseph's.


We are grateful for our space.

 Our space to think, . . .

our space to be . . .

and our space for silence. 

Pause - allow time for people to reflect on this. Do not rush to start the next part 

God our friend, you help and guide us in good and bad times.

Help us always to find our way to you

We are all learners in our school community.

Help us to open our hearts to others even when it is challenging,

and celebrate that we are all different in so many ways.

On this land of the Gunditjmara people,

Guide us to look after each other and our environment - both beautiful and fragile.

Journey with us as we create a happy and safe place where we respect and accept each other.

A place where we work together and learn from everyone.

As we try our best in everything we do,

May we be inspired by St. Joseph to be caring, honest and brave.