School Policies

Please click on the links below to access a range of our school documentation. 

All policies referred to in the Enrolment Form are indicated by **

Communication Policy for Schools

Data Breach Response Plan St Joseph's

Democratic Principles Statement

DOBCEL Anaphylaxis Management Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Assessment and Reporting Policy

DOBCEL Asthma Management Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Attendance Policy

DOBCEL Attendance Procedures St Joseph's Primary School

DOBCEL Behaviour Management Policy

DOBCEL Critical Incident Management Plan Response Guide

**DOBCEL Digital Technologies Policy and Agreement

** St Josephs Primary School Acceptable Use and Cyber Safety Agreement

DOBCEL Duty of Care Policy

DOBCEL Emergency and Critical Incident Management Policy

** Enrolment Policy

** Enrolment Form Explanatory Statement

DOBCEL First Aid and Infection Control Policy.

DOBCEL Learning and Teaching Policy

DOBCEL Occupational Health and Safety Policy

DOBCEL Occupational Health and Safety Consultation Roles and Responsibilities Guide

DOBCEL Occupational Health and Safety Committee Terms of Reference 

DOBCEL Responsible Person Policy and Procedure

DOBCEL Risk Management Framework

DOBCEL Risk Management Policy

DOBCEL School Bullying Prevention including Cyberbullying Policy

DOBCEL School Advisory Council Terms of Reference

DOBCEL School Financial Oversight Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Student Attendance Policy and Procedures

DOBCEL Student Care and Health Policy

DOBCEL Supervision of Students Policy

DOBCEL Suspension and Expulsion of Students Policy

NCCD Parent Guardian Fact Sheet

Photograph Guidelines

Privacy Policy

** Standard Collection Notice for Schools

School Philosophy and Core Values

Sun Protection Policy

Supervision of Students Information for Parents

Supervision of Students Volunteer Information

For school policies related to Child Safety, please refer to the Child Safety section of this website.